Providing informed physical, emotional, and practical support to those affected by an abortion experience is essential - for the wellbeing of the individuals directly impacted, their families and friends, and for the cohesion and development of the wider society. In the 8 years following an abortion, women are more than 4 times more likely to suffer and die from a cerebrovascular event than women who carry their pregnancy to term.* Other studies point to the direct link between depression and unintended pregnancy.

These alarming outcomes, alone, demonstrate the need for support to be given to those affected by the traumatic experience of abortion. In the subsequent pages [listed in the left-hand column] we've outlined data, information, and further resources to assist you.

*Reardon, David & G Ney, Philip & Scheuren, Fritz & Cougle, Jesse & Coleman, Priscilla & W Strahan, Thomas. (2002). Deaths associated with pregnancy outcome: A record linkage study of low income women. Southern medical journal. 95. 834-41.