Walking with Love, alternatives and responses to abortion

There are two main types of support:

Emotional Support - Many women benefit from companions who can offer a 'listening ear' and encouragement to reflect and discern.  The emotional and mental space that is provided by the loving support of another often helps women to make free and strong, life-giving decisions. 

Practical Support - Help to access services and resources for pregnancy and beyond (such as financial advice and care) by people who will take the time to look at a woman's whole situation and care for her. 

There are many areas that you may like to discuss such as:

  • options for continuing education or returning to work after childbirth,
  • dealing with a sense of loneliness, isolation or helplessness during the pregnancy,
  • understanding how to handle rejection from family and friends,
  • ways to balance career and parenthood,
  • household budgeting and financial support after the baby is born,
  • issues with the partner in supporting you during the pregnancy and after birth.
  • Adelaide

    Tel: 1300 655 156 or (08) 8331 1223
    Website: www.birthline.org.au

Pregnancy Counselling Link
Tel: 1800 777 690
Website: www.pcl.org.au

Priceless Life Centre
Tel: 1800 090 777
Website: www.priceless.org.au

Karinya House for Mothers and Babies
24 hours Tel: (02) 6259 8998
Website: www.karinyahouse.asn.au

Pregnancy Support Services (ACT)
Tel: (02) 6247 5050
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Centacare NT
Tel: (08) 8944 2000
Website: CatholicCare NT - Pregnancy Support Program

Missionary Sisters of Charity
Tel: (08) 8981 3428

Pregnancy Counselling and Support Tasmania Inc.

Tel: (03) 6224 2290

Caroline Chisholm Society, Pregnancy and Family Support Service
Tel: (03) 9370 3933 or 1800 134 863 (Toll Free)
Website: www.carolinechisholmsociety.com.au

Open Doors Counselling
Tel: (03) 9870 7044 or 1800 647 995
Website: www.opendoors.com.au

Pregnancy Assistance Inc.
Tel: (08) 9328 2929
Website: www.pregnancyassistance.org.au

Centacare Pregnancy Counselling and Support
Tel: 1800 063 510
Website: CatholicCare - Pregnancy Counselling and Support Services

Sydney Pregnancy Helpline
Tel: (02) 9602 6543

National counselling referral service
Real Choices Australia
Tel: 1300 886 017

Other Helplines
Pregnancy Help Australia
24 hours Tel:

1300 792 798 If calling from Queensland, NSW, Victoria or the ACT

1300 655 156 If calling from South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania or the NT

Pregnancy Counselling Australia
24 hours Tel: 1300 737 732.

Centacare Catholic Family Services
Refer to local phonebook


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