Walking with Love, alternatives and responses to abortion

Counselling Areas

Professional counsellors who can facilitate the discernment process, discuss options and help clients arrive at an informed decision are available. With a focus on exploring options in a non-judgmental and loving way, these counsellors seek to empower their clients to overcome the obstacles that they face.

There are two main types of support:

Emotional Support - Many women benefit from companions who can offer a 'listening ear' and encouragement to reflect and discern.  The emotional and mental space that is provided by the loving support of another often helps women to make free and strong, life-giving decisions. 

Practical Support - Help to access services and resources for pregnancy and beyond (such as financial advice and care) by people who will take the time to look at a woman's whole situation and care for her. 

Abortion affects a woman deeply.  Many women carry their grief and shame for many years, sometimes decades, believing they are unworthy of good things or even of being loved. God's healing and forgiveness is available through counselling as well as special ministries like Rachel's Vineyard.



The news that an unborn child may have a disability or serious illness can be devastating. We all hope that our children will be healthy and grow up to lead fulfilled lives, but a diagnosis of disability or illness can shatter these hopes. Initially, parents may suffer grief and bewilderment. Parents may feel overwhelmed by the implications for the child and for the family.

The assumption underlying the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat is that it is God who is doing the work. Its dominant focus is to prepare the soil for the seed of God’s healing power to bear fruit. The Retreat embodies Dr. Theresa Burke’s words:

‘You have to empty the grief before you can receive the grace.’


“Walking with Love” is an initiative of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference for Pastoral Life
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