Walking with Love, alternatives and responses to abortion

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    Directed by Don Parham (Parham Media), Executive Producer Angela Lecomber.

    Powerful illustration of where support makes a significant difference to the choice.

    The DVD contains special features such as scene selections to allow for further study:

    Part 1: a woman who already has children yet opts for an abortion with her third child = Nicolette
    Part 2: a woman with good career prospects who has a brief encounter yet keeps her child = Bek

    Nicolette and Bek both have the same scene selections allowing for further comparison and discussion:

    * Early life
    * A husband?
    * Unplanned Pregnancy
    * The Decision
    * The Aftermath

    Part 3: Teaching: 6 selections, including importance of support, helping men, healing and forgiveness, and the Church’s response. Experts include Dr Theresa Burke, Psychologist and Founder of Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, Bishop Eugene Hurley, Chair of the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life, Mrs Anne Neville, Director of Counselling Open Doors, Dr Brigid McKenna, Sydney Life Office and Ms Marcia Riordan, Respect Life Office Melbourne.

    Media release 1 Nov 2008


    Study Guide: suggested lesson plans, discussion questions, essay topics, statistical information, contact details of experts in each specialist area ( e.g. theological aspects of post-abortion healing), counsellors and practical support in each state.

    Insert DVD into computer and access 11 additional resources including the Practical Guide: role-play, key statements in relation to this work.

    “Walking with Love” is an initiative of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference for Pastoral Life
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