Walking with Love, alternatives and responses to abortion

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    Inspired by the Gospel ethos of care and respect for human life, forgiveness and healing, the Catholic Church in Australia wants to:

    · ‘walk with love’ alongside pregnant women, especially women who feel unsupported, overwhelmed, or afraid to continue their pregnancies

    · ‘walk with love’ alongside women and men who are suffering after abortion

    · educate others about practical ways to walk with love.



    “Motherhood is a profoundly beautiful and significant moment in anybody’s life and no-one

    should be left alone in that moment. The mother shouldn’t be left alone, and nor should the

    father, or indeed, the baby. The Church is wanting to be close to women, to provide them with

    every possible support, both practical and spiritual, in carrying their baby to full term.”


    Chairman of the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life, Bishop Eugene Hurley

    “Walking with Love” is an initiative of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference for Pastoral Life
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